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Dear Sirs and Mike,

yesterday was my 70th birthday. Yes, a surprise celebration - venue Luton Hoo, gratis my daughter and her family. Afternoon tea in the grand Italianate Drawing Room, Pimms on the terrace afterwards, stunning gardens and landscape, partridge running around our feet, the most perfect weather.
What could ever surpass this plushness, this elegance, this grandeur - this once in a lifetime occasion?
Answer - the journey getting there!
To see the plush, elegant, grand Rolls Royce pull up at my humble abode, to be greeted by such an amiable and charismatic chauffeur, who made the journey such an amazing and truly delightful experience, was just magical.
My sincere thanks and gratitude to your company, and especially to Mike, for making it all such a perfect day - absolutely pure perfection!

Gillian Kumaran.

P.S. I didn't eat my daughter for breakfast!
(This last to Mike!)