Gabriella Wedding Car Hire Lord Cars


Rolls-Royce - 20/25 - Gabriella - Wedding car hire Gabriella was hand-built over two years starting in 1929. This unusual [...]
Grand Prince Wedding Car Hire Classic Hire Car Lord Cars

Grand Prince

Rolls-Royce - 20/25 - Grand Prince - Wedding car hire Grand Prince is an aristocratic square bodied vintage 20/25 Rolls-Royce [...]
Wedding Car Hire Vintage Hire Car Majestic Prince Lord Cars

Majestic Prince

Rolls-Royce - Silver Wraith - Majestic Prince - Wedding car hire Majestic Prince is an imposing post-vintage 1947 Rolls-Royce Silver [...]
Crown Prince Wedding Hire Car Classic Car Hire Lord Cars

Crown Prince

Rolls-Royce - Silver Wraith - Crown Prince - Wedding car hire Crown Prince is quite an amazing post vintage Rolls [...]
Ruby Baron Wedding Car Hire Vintage Hire Car Lord Cars

Ruby Baron

Rolls-Royce - 20/25 - Ruby Baron - Wedding car hire The Royal Coachbuilders to King George V, Barkers, built the [...]
Geraldo Prince Wedding Car Hire Vintage Car Hire Lord Cars

Geraldo Prince

Rolls-Royce - Silver Wraith - Geraldo Prince - Wedding car hire Geraldo Prince was the Rolls-Royce show car at The [...]
Regal Lady Wedding Car Hire Vintage Car Hire Lord Cars

Regal Lady

Rolls-Royce - Silver Dawn - Regal Lady - Wedding car hire The Silver Dawn, now quite rare, was the first [...]


Rolls-Royce - Silver Cloud II - Marquess - Wedding car hire Marquess Wedding Hire Car is an all white classic [...]
Duchess Wedding Hire Car Lord Cars


Rolls-Royce - Silver Shadow I - Duchess - Wedding car hire Duchess Wedding Hire Car is a strikingly handsome Rolls-Royce [...]