Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith

Blue Baron
554 LOR – 1952

This grandiose Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith touring limousine has coachwork by Hoopers the post-war Royal coachbuilders to King George VI and was the 1952 Brussels show car for Rolls-Royce. The colour scheme of royal blue is complimented by wide whitewall tyres. Elegant sweeping wings come right to the back of the car. The stylish front radiator grill is topped with a kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy and is well matched by mammoth chrome headlights. The wide contra opening door and inside step enables the Bride in her Wedding gown to elegantly enter and leave the car. The spacious interior has magnolia leather piped in blue and colour co-ordinated lavish lamb’s wool carpets. Extremely well maintained by its fastidious previous owner who visited the Rolls-Royce factory every two or three weeks during the two years it took to build the car.

Crown Prince
47 LOR – 1956

A quite amazing post vintage Rolls Royce wedding car Touring Limousine hand built by famous coachbuilders of the day James Young. Ivory sides with black roof, chrome wheels fitted with whitewall tyres. Impressive front view with large chrome Rolls-Royce radiator topped with the more unusual kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy. Finished in 1956 and enjoyed for many years by Lord Hambro (of Hambros Bank fame). Very rare, only three were ever built to the same design. The spacious and unbelievably luxurious interior has magnolia leather and matching lamb’s wool carpeting. The spectacular walnut woodwork includes a vanity table with mirror. Nearly twenty feet long and six feet tall, an imposing car for the top hat and tails type Wedding.

Geraldo Prince
888 LOR – 1953

This was the Rolls-Royce show car at The Earls Court Motor Show of 1953 where it was purchased by Geraldo, famous orchestra leader of the time. It remained with the Geraldo family until our acquisition in 1995 when it had covered a mere 35,000 miles! The coachwork has been elegantly designed and finished by Hoopers who have been coachbuilders for the Royal Family since 1945. Ivory body with sweeping black wings which reach right to the rear of the car, this shape making the car particularly photogenic, especially with its whitewall tyres. Incredible front radiator grill topped with a kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy. Large chrome headlights complete the classic appearance. A wide contra opening door and inside step allows effortless access to the roomy interior which has parchment leather with matching lamb’s wool carpeting and exquisite walnut woodwork including a cocktail cabinet.

Majestic Prince
8 LOR – 1947

Imposing post-vintage 1947 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith touring limousine originally a ceremonial car in Gibraltar. It returned to this country in 1970 and underwent a full body off restoration and engine rebuild at the engineering department of Hertfordshire University. When we acquired the car over 25 years ago we also completely refurbished the whole interior and fitted whitewall tyres. Coachwork by H.J.Mulliner who provided contra opening doors allowing graceful access to the car (important for good photos). Ivory sides and bonnet, black roof. Large beautifully proportioned body, sweeping wings, impressive array of chrome lights and unmistakable Rolls-Royce grille with rare kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. Immaculate ivory leather edged in black. Stunning walnut woodwork.

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