Rolls-Royce 20/25

16 LOR – 1931

Hand built over two years starting in 1931 this unusual vintage soft top 20/25 Rolls-Royce has its body finished in ivory with black mohair hood trimmed in ivory. Side mounted spare wheel, enamelled ivory spoke wheels with whitewall tyres. The running board, large chrome headlights and a pair of trumpet horns add to the photogenic quality of this exceptional Bridal Car. There is a large picnic box mounted on the rear. The hood and windows can be removed to make the car completely open (weather permitting!). The largest of Wedding Gowns will easily fit in the spacious interior which has soft, immaculate light biscuit leather with matching carpeting.

Grand Prince
772 LOR – 1934

Aristocratic square bodied vintage 20/25 Rolls-Royce limousine with hand built coachwork by Park Ward. We acquired this car in 1991, it having belonged to the same family since 1934 being handed down through three generations. The generously proportioned body is in ivory with black wings and roof. Running board, ivory wheels, whitewall tyres and side mounted spare Wheel. The impressive front is exceptional with large chrome headlights. The interior is very spacious and will accommodate the largest of Wedding Gowns. The lavish seating is in ivory leather which is buttoned and edged with black. Magnificent display of French walnut woodwork.

Ruby Baron
460 LOR – 1933

The Royal Coachbuilders to King George V, Barkers, built this magnificent vintage Rolls-Royce 20/25 limousine finishing it in 1933. The tall square body has a graceful ‘tulip’ back, running board, whitewall tyres with a spare wheel mounted on each side. The high Rolls-Royce front grill is topped by a standing Spirit of Ecstasy below which are large chrome headlights and a pair of chrome trumpet horns. The colour scheme of burgundy and white compliments the tastefully refurbished interior which has ivory leather edged in burgundy with deep pile burgundy lamb’s wool carpeting. Completing the luxuriant finish is the unusual ruby coloured woodwork. A wide contra opening door gives easy access to a remarkably spacious interior, big enough for a meringue type Wedding Gown.

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