How much do the cars cost to hire for a Wedding?
The cost of each car varies, the list of cars on our website is in order of cost, Gabriella (Number 1) being the most expensive. The cost of each car is determined by what the car has to do for your Wedding – click on Quotation, give us the information asked for and we will send a fixed written quotation in the post. We will also clearly tell you which cars are already booked on the day of your Wedding.

Are there any hidden extras?
No. Provided you tell us all that the cars have to do we will quote accordingly. We include the Uniformed Chauffeur, appropriate ribbons and umbrella to match the car.

How long do we have the cars for?
The duration of the Wedding. This means that the cars arrive at the place of pick up 15 minutes before the planned leaving time. They then drive to the place of the ceremony and wait whilst the Wedding itself takes place and the photographs are taken. The cars then go on to the reception venue, allowing time for photos to be taken before leaving. If anything in addition to this is required please inform us at the time your quotation is produced and we will quote accordingly. We do not have time restrictions and we only provide the cars for one Wedding each day.

How many cars do we need?
Normally two cars are required. The main Bridal car takes Bride & Father to the ceremony, the second car taking the Bridesmaids, pageboys and Brides Mother. When the ceremony and photos are over the main Bridal car then takes the Bride & Groom to the reception whilst the second car takes the Bridesmaids plus the Bride’s Mother & Father. Sometimes a third car is provided to take the Groom, Best Man and the Grooms Parents. If you have a car for the Groom handcuffs are optional.

We need two cars, possibly three, will they all match?
Yes. We have a second matching car for all our main Bridal cars. With most, but not all, we can provide a third matching car. When you come to see the cars we will advise you which cars are best together. Our Chauffeurs are in matching uniforms, also if the need arises there are matching umbrellas in each car. All our cars have matching LOR registration numbers.

How many people do the cars take?
Although our Bridal cars are classed as 4 seaters it is not practical to have a Bride, wearing a large Wedding Gown, with more than two other people in one car. Most of our second cars take seven adults, some only take four. Legally two children under the age of ten count as one adult.

Can we use one car to first take the Bridesmaids and come back for the Bride?
Our policy is not to do this. Your Wedding is too important to us for us to take chances with anything that could possibly cause a problem. Our wedding cars are much bigger than normal cars and because of their age difficult to handle.

Do you do more than one Wedding a day with any of the cars?

Do you provide the cars for other functions?
Yes please contact us for information. Film hire, proms, birthdays, special outings you name it we can help out.

Can we view the actual cars?
Yes, you are welcome to visit our premises. Please telephone to make an appointment and to get directions. Not only will we show you the cars (they are all in one very well lit and de-humidified building) but we will sit the Bride in the car she chooses to ensure that she has plenty of space for her Wedding Gown and that she can elegantly get in & out of the car for the cameras.

Do all the cars shown on your website actually belong to you?
Yes, every one of them. Not only do they belong to us but they are all bought and paid for, we do not have any cars on lease or hire purchase.

Do all the cars have LOR registrations?
Yes, every car has an LOR number plate, we also have a spare one on retention.

Our Ceremony and Reception are in the same place do we need a car?
If you are having a Professional Wedding photographer and want nice photos with a grand car and the Bride and Groom want a few minutes to themselves after the Ceremony then you need a car.

What do your Chauffeurs wear?
They are all in proper chauffeur uniforms (grey) with a peaked hat. If you click on Chauffeurs on our web site you will see photos of our Chauffeurs in action.

Do the Chauffeurs do anything other than drive the cars?
Yes. They will open the car doors and help you in and out of the car. Should it rain they will have a large umbrella to keep you as dry as possible. They will take the bouquet as the Bride or Bridesmaids get in or out of the car. They will also assist your photographer enabling the best possible photos of you with the cars.

Most of your cars are quite old – do they ever break down?
Provided they are correctly and properly maintained (as we ensure with all our cars) old cars are much more reliable than modern cars. They are much simpler with no complicated electronic gadgetry. Our cars are all British and we only have cars for which it is still possible to get spare parts and for which there is expertise reasonably local to us. 75% of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars ever built are still in use. Should anything untoward happen we always have spare cars.

How do we set about booking cars for our Wedding?
You need to have a proper quotation. Click on Personalised Quote and give us the information asked for or telephone us with the information on 01727 828106. We will send a quotation in the post, we will tell you which cars are already booked on your day and you will have a fixed price for every car available. We will also send a viewing schedule for the next few weeks (it is not practical to come on a day when numbers of the cars are out on Weddings). You can come in the evening, the building housing the cars is very well lit.

How far in advance do you take bookings?
We are always able to provide fixed quotations up to three years in advance. We have a computer system for our quotations which constantly keeps up to date and is usually quite accurate. The system also does not allow us to make a mistake and double book any car. If your Wedding is taking place on a Saturday or Sunday between April and October you should be dealing with the cars 12 months in advance if you want plenty of choice. The later you leave it the more cars will be booked.